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The firm's government relations team guides clients through the various Local, State and Federal Government processes. This is very important to small and medium size businesses that are trying to sell their products and/or services to a governmental entity. The firm can assist you in a number of different ways, depending on your needs.


The firm 's government relations teams can assist you in developing a strategy for achieving your goals and preparing responses to requests for proposals and unsolicited bids. We can also be especially useful in helping a small business learn about government contract opportunities in that company 's area of expertise. We can also offer suggestions on how to grow the business by teaming with other companies to bid on contracts.


Since we work closely with the governmental entities, we are well aware of the current political atmosphere and can offer clients insight on agency activities and potential opportunities. We also know where to draw upon additional resources including potential teaming partners or coalitions that may be beneficial for clients to join.

Services Include:

  • Lobbying 

  • Government affairs 

  • Procurement 

  • Capital improvement 

  • Infrastructure / Development 

  • Elections 

  • Consultant 

  • Marketing 

  • Community redevelopment agency

  • Public/Private/Partnership (P3)

  • Workforce housing 

  • Affordable housing 

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